Aerial Photography

Drones don’t have the best reputation with the media at the moment, however aerial photography is a fantastic way to get views that normally would not be seen, in fact, it’s difficult to watch any program on television or movie these days that doesn’t use huge cinematic aerial imagery, and guess what? In the past, they used to be done by helicopter, or a cameraman on a crane, but nowadays, it’s done using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or Drone.

Using these devices commercially isn’t just a simple as going out and buying one, then flying it over your business to get what you need, there’s a lot to consider, what happens if it loses signal and flies off? What if the batteries short circuits and catches fire? Where can and can’t I fly? Well, if you choose photography, you can be assured, we’ve done the homework for you. We’re CAA approved with permission for commercial operations, insured with public liability, and have been trained for what to do should the worst happen.

In addition to beautiful imagery, drones are also being used for good, we’re proud to be part of the Drone Search and Rescue for Lost Dogs group, bringing eyes in the sky to helping hunt for mans’ best friend when lost.

Newcastle Aerial Panorama

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